11-year-old Starts Book Club for Boys

This post lets us know that there is a strong possibility that children today may still have the same goals, dreams, and aspirations as children in the 80’s and 90’s. Just because they value different hobbies and don’t do the same exact thing their parents were doing at their age; doesn’t mean we give up on them or limit their opportunity. We just have to place them in situations and places where they can use their imagination and leadership skills.

Most 11 year olds are playing Minecraft and into the latest bottle tossing craze. Sidney Keys III however, has recently started a book club for boys focused on helping them find characters who look like themselves.

On a trip to the University City, Missouri bookstore EyeSeeMe, Sidney and his mom found an entire children’s book section dedicated to books that featured characters from the African diaspora. Sidney was thrilled. “Every time I go to the library at my school, there aren’t many African American literature books there,” he told radio program St. Louis on the Air. His mother, Winnie Caldwell, shot a video of him reading which has been viewed more than 60,000 times.

Sidney decided to start a book club for boys like him who wanted to see themselves in books. Books ‘n Bros had their first meeting at EyeSeeMe. The club costs $20, and for that, boys of all races…

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For POETS, an event you may not want to miss

(BOSTON) — America’s leading poets are averse to Donald Trump, and they’re not about to go gentle into that good night. Poetry slams and other literary events are being organized nationwide in the run-up to the President-elect’s Jan. 20 inauguration. Some, like this weekend’s “Writers Resist” rallies in New York, Boston and 90 other U.S.…

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What MLK, Sr. wrote about MLK, Jr.

In April 1968, my sons went to Memphis to help organize a struggle by the city’s sanitation workers to achieve better wages and working conditions. I wondered about M.L.’s involvement in this, whether or not he was spreading his concerns and his energies too thin. But again he was right. There could be no real…

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I buy because I need

I buy because I need, not because I am in support of any party.  Showing me that other   shoppers are  democratic or republican doesn’t mean much. One day someone can be a democrat and the next day have a change of heart and associate himself with neither party.

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter this week to express his support for L.L.Bean, the clothing outfitter facing boycott threats over a Bean family member’s donations in support of Trump’s campaign. While few stores would object to an endorsement from a soon-to-be president, Trump’s call to “Buy L.L.Bean” may not fall on the right ears.…

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How does an actress speak out against Rape when the director of the film is accused of Raping Someone?

It is with terrible irony that actress Gabrielle Union chose to play a woman who gets raped in the highly-anticipated slave revolt film Birth of a Nation. Most people know that Dwayne Wade’s wife was raped in real life when she was young California woman. But the fact that Nate Parker, the director of Birth…

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