In La Boca

Journal Entry

19 June 2014 Thursday

I woke up feeling a little better. The shower and rest did my body well. It also did me well to be alone.

We woke up and were told we were going to La Boca. We took like two buses and met the same tour guide we had on Sunday, Simon.

I took very little notes because La Boca was the place to take many pictures. Besides, I didn’t want to put myself in the habit of writing every little thing down.

La Boca is now a tourist site but I learn that it wasn’t always a place where tourist went. Actually it was like a ghetto…and I think it still is at the night. I enjoyed the story about the man who helped put La Boca back on the map, Benito Quinquela Matin. He was an architect and built a bridge that looks something like cranes in another part of Argentina. He died in 2010 a statue of him is at the entrance of La Boca.

The Pink House


Journal Entry:

14 June 2014

After the restaurant, we were given our first tour by Fernanda, an original Argentine young lady. She said she was an artist and did not know much history about her own country. She lead us to La Casa de Rosada which is where the president, Kristina Kirchaer lives or more importantly do her work.

We spoke about the San Martin who in 1850 won freedom for Argentina and went around South America fighting. 

We also went inside La Casa de Rosa and saw beautiful art work placed on the walls. The following are the people I took notes on who were interesting to me:

                Tupaj Katan a Bolivian who fought.

                Simon Bolivar who worked alongside of San Martin trying to gain independence for Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador.

                Don Evo Morales Ayma